The next generation of banking infrastructure

For too long, central banks have been unable to issue their own digital currencies that would be safe, secure, and trustworthy. Stellar merges existing payments infrastructure with the innovative technology provided by distributed ledgers.

Stellar CBDC
Stellar CBDC

Leverage speed and security

Stellar is a decentralized, federated consensus network that allows for transaction speeds close to real-time, meaning that money can move quickly and efficiently between parties – not in days or weeks.

Digitize fiat currencies

Central banks can digitize their fiat currencies on the Stellar network by issuing digital assets that mirror the equal value of each issued currency. They also offload much of the policy coordination and management onto independent servers that reside in different entities around the globe.

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Protect your currency’s value

Stellar allows central banks to maintain their responsibility for protecting the value of their currency while relying on mechanisms built into Stellar to track and record user balances. Stellar imposes no restrictions on how policies are implemented. For example, it has no minimum or maximum reserve requirements.

Benefit from the unique consensus protocol

You can’t have an anonymous, decentralized network as the foundation for a central bank currency. Nodes on Stellar are not anonymous. Instead of having no idea who is participating in the network, every authorized node operator must publish a special document (called a toml file) on a public web page controlled by their organization. This file identifies specific nodes and which organizations they belong to.

Ensure transaction finality

You need to be certain that when transactions are applied to the ledger, they can't be rolled back or overwritten. Without finality, a CBDC cannot be a global, low-cost, transparent payment infrastructure. Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) provides a safe environment where participants don’t have to worry about transaction rollbacks or overwrites.

Take advantage of interoperability

CBDC tokens hosts assets issued by entities all over the world and supports markets between asset pairs, which offer you automatic interoperability. With Stellar, making global payments is a simple and affordable process. Integrate cross-border payments into your systems, streamline business processes, access new markets, enable real-time international payments, and integrate new tools faster than ever before.

Stellar’s Features

The purpose of CBDCs is to trigger greater economic growth and innovation in the economy by providing a safe, secure and instant way to transact. Thanks to its unique features, Stellar is set to deliver on this goal.


Secure asset

Stellar was designed to be the backbone of a payments system. It enables you to keep track of all critical information in an open ledger to avoid confusion over asset ownership. You can be confident that no one can forge transactions or change code without authorization of the network nodes.


Enhanced compliance capability

Stellar allows issuers to tailor their enhanced compliance settings to follow local laws and regulations. You can change your compliance settings to finely control access to your assets and activate one, two, or all three of these settings before issuing an asset.



The availability of a highly-scalable, low-cost settlement network with transaction finality is the missing piece to the puzzle for an open, global financial network with near-instant transactions. Stellar provides a safe environment where participants don’t have to worry about transaction rollbacks or overwrites.



Today’s global financial system is fragmented, making it expensive and slow to transfer funds from one country to another. Stellar makes it incredibly easy for banks and people to join the global economy by using its shared ledger, where assets can seamlessly interact and interoperate.

Power without the price

xcessive energy consumption by blockchain networks is an ongoing topic of debate. Stellar’s SCP consensus mechanism ensures a low energy footprint. By increasing the speed of transactions and transparency of processes, Stellar can reduce carbon emissions on a global scale. It consumes the least amount of energy compared to other blockchains.

Fueling the future of the world's money

When you issue assets on Stellar, you unlock a world of possibilities and incredible benefits, including

An open network for financial innovation

Networks are powerful. They connect people together and give them a chance to share different perspectives, innovate and do business together. Designs that consider the open network in their initial development stages will inevitably lead to better products, enhance connectivity, and contribute to progress. As central banks consider CBDCs, they have an opportunity to build a network that is better from the start rather than adding on new designs as a band-aid for existing problems today.



You can now be sure that what you see is what you get. Stellar allows you to monitor your data and verify its legitimacy, so you no longer have to give your faith to the black box of third-party accounting.



Built for optimal security, Stellar’s protocol is open-source. Anyone can verify the integrity of the network by viewing Stellar’s open-source code.



Stellar’s architecture is built to withstand attacks and network fallouts with no single point of failure. This is ensured by securing the entire network of validators and making them equally responsible for the data.



Stellar is the most energy-efficient blockchain network, consuming a similar amount of energy to the Visa network. Its transparency focuses on the reduction of carbon emissions on a global scale.



Every Stellar transaction is cryptographically linked to a previous one. The integrity of the data is preserved through a consensus mechanism, ensuring that independent parties validate data changes.



The data in the Stellar network is distributed across the servers that participate in the system. The system can keep functioning in case of the crash of one or more organizations’ servers.

A forward-thinking community

The Stellar Development Foundation works to help the world more efficiently connect and grow. Stellar believes in a world where financial inclusion is possible. The Foundation aims to create equitable access to the global financial system by supporting tech communities, developers, and businesses. Moreover, it serves as an independent voice representing the industry to regulators and institutions.